Black STDThe STD combines the noise reduction benefits of other in-line flash suppressors with the small size of the A2.  At under half the weight of other such devices, you no longer have to suffer with additional weight and length to gain the benefits of this style flash suppressor - regardless of how short your barrel is.

The STD was designed for hunters, by a hunter.  Jim was tired of losing his night vision when shooting in low light, and equally tired of having his ears hurt when the shot was fired without ear plugs.  Many other designs were fielded before finally going back to the drawing board—literally; starting over from scratch with the K.I.S.S. principle.  Keep It Simple, Stupid.  When he grabbed his note pad to sketch out a quick blueprint for a thread protector he didn't stop at that, kept drawing, and the STD's concept was born.

By changing the way the gasses are introduced to the atmosphere, the flash signature out of a STD is greatly diminished, more than any other comparable product available today short of a NFA regulated device.  A quick look at in-line "compensators" on Youtube shows how miserably ineffective they are, until now.

The added benefit of this design, is that it reduces the concussion felt by the shooter and those along side them.  Anyone who's shot at an indoor range knows all too well that being along side a high powered rifle in the next bay can make shooting miserable even with plugs.  People who've been around the STD's in that same situation have remarked how pleasant it is - despite shooting some of the shortest barrels that function in the AR pistol platform and full power ammunition.

How well does it work though?  We have to shoot in the dark to capture the flash signature on camera.  Guns which light up a room without a muzzle device are reduced to the lumen output of a Bic lighter if you can even see the flash - with a 7.5 inch barrel.

Currently available in .223/5.56 with 1/2-28 threads and .30 caliber 5/8-24 designs specifically engineered for the AR platform and proven with extensive live fire testing.  Other sizes will be developed in the future.

Simple Threaded Devices is a disabled veteran owned business located in Minnesota.